new stellarossa cafe franchise opportunity

Rocking the suburbs – Everton Plaza’s Park Lane celebrates the opening of its first wave of retailers

Everton Plaza’s Park Lane celebrates the opening of its first wave of retailers

new stellarossa cafe franchise opportunity

Everton Plaza’s Park Lane celebrates!

As is only fitting for a roost for early birds, popular espresso bar and cafe outlet Stellarossa has actually been operating since late April. The first of Everton Plaza’s new arrivals to open, Stellarossa is catering to the precinct’s need for a quality coffee and breakfast haunt. Operated by northside local Anna Edwards, her husband Nathan and son Henry, Stellarossa Everton Park is pairing personable service with the brand’s well-honed array of food and drink to create a perennially welcoming pit-stop. The corner eatery has been kitted out with a modern aesthetic, with a new-look design and branding scheme drawing the eye, alongside a sizeable outdoor dining space that is covered from the elements, but is still equipped to catch flowing breezes and the precinct’s bustling atmosphere. Stellarossa is open all week for breakfast, lunch, coffee, cakes and Friday dinners, with meats, produce, bread and baked treats sourced from local vendors. The winter menu currently features the likes of milk-bun French toast, hand-stretched pizzas, soups, balsamic and rosemary beef burgers, carbonara fettuccine, eggs benedict, and corn and broccoli fritters. As for drinks, Stellarossa pours a new, hand-picked single origin coffee every month, but those cutting back on caffeine can opt for house-made soda punch, fruit smoothies, milkshakes, spiders and more.

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Stellarossa Yarrabilba and Mango Hill take part in Cereal For Coffee Fundraiser

Local cafes take part in Cereal For Coffee fundraiser

Cereal for Coffee, co-founded by Thornlands teacher Samara Sargeson in 2015, has launched its annual fundraising campaign, which will see participating cafes swapping nutritious cereals for a regular coffee on June 18.

Cereal for Coffee will then distribute the cereal to breakfast clubs at local schools. Ms Sargeson said chaplains and teachers would then make sure each child got a nutritious start to the day.

Three Australian school children in every class will arrive at school hungry or without having eaten breakfast. Ms Sargeson said hungry children had difficulty with learning, social interactions and physical demands.

These children found it hard to concentrate, could be lethargic and could exhibit behavioural problems.

Through past fundraising campaigns, Cereal for Coffee has donated more than 5000 boxes of cereal as well as milk, bread and spreads to schools and community groups, including some in Yarrabilba and Capalaba. The organisation feeds about 1100 primary school students every week. Cereal boxes can be swapped for a regular coffee on June 18 at registered cafes.

In Yarrabilba, people can donate cereal boxes in exchange for a coffee at The Coffee Club, Stellarossa and Thom and Ann’s Restaurant Deli.

Donations will also be accepted at The Story Tree in Boonah.

In the Redlands, Cereal for Coffee will accept donations at The Vintage Apron in Capalaba and Brown’s Bakery Cafe in Cleveland.

Stellarossa Kawana Franchise Opportunity

Inside Everton Park’s Epic New Foodie Laneway

Inside Everton Park’s Epic New Foodie Laneway

This is big foodie news for north Brisbane. After hyping the launch of Everton Plaza’s new dining laneway, Park Lane, last year, we’re happy to say the first round of restaurants are open for business.

Yep, Everton Park just stamped its name on Brisbane’s culinary map. Let that one sink in.

It’ll take a few months for the entire complex to come online, but the first tenants have already set up shop. The guys at Stellarossa Espresso are already slinging excellent coffee, and they’ve been joined by a boutique salon: La Diva (think hair, beauty and nails).

But it gets better, 5 Buroughs have opened their new Brooklyn-style burger bar inside Park Lane (and will be slinging 2-for-1 burgers all day on Saturday, July 22 – start queueing now), and Neighbourhood Market Co are opening the doors on their array of meats, cheeses, breads, fruit, vegetables and more on the same day. Following them will be Acai Brothers (end of July), Sweeties (end of July), Comuna Cantina (August) and Corbett & Claude (end of August).

The new operators seem pretty psyched about the whole thing.“The Everton Park area is screaming out for good food and coffee supported by excellent service,” says Anna Edwards from Stellarossa. “We’ve got a passion to provide a genuinely warm and welcoming experience to all of our guests. Just like visiting a friend’s home.”

Most of the new stores will be throwing big launch parties to celebrate the EP launch. In fact, on June 22, along with 5 Buroughs putting on 2-for-1 burgers for the day, Stella Rosa will be pouring free coffee from 7-11am and Neighbourhood Market Co will have deals and specials for locals keen on being the first shoppers through the door.

If we’re honest, we’re most excited about the Queenslander-style rooftop bar, which should be installed before summer gets here. Expect chill cocktails, good beats, and prime views of the surrounding hillsides.

This is pretty big for the northside food scene. Not that it was impossible to get a good feed north of the river, but finding a hub that has everything in one place was tricky. EP are trying to change all that and inject some much needed oomph into Everton Park. We salute them.


Where: Everton Plaza, 791 Stafford Road, Everton Park
When: Open now

Cafe in Everton Park, breakfast, pizza, burgers, coffee

Keeping up with Modern Awards

Keeping up with Modern Awards

Cafe in Everton Park, breakfast, pizza, burgers, coffee

The recent media frenzy around the underpayment of staff by celebrity chef George Calombaris’ restaurant group has once again highlighted the ongoing issue of wage payments within the complex Modern Award system of Australia.

Over the past 3 years theres been a series of wage payment scandals in the media, which ultimately led the Government to adjusting the Fair Work Act by introducing the Protecting Vulnerable Workers Bill in September 2017.

Stellarossa was wellplaced to implement the changes. At the time the Bill was enacted, Stellarossa had an existing education, audit and compliance program in place for Franchise Partners. The Bill’s introduction provided an opportunity to review the existing process in the context of the new framework, and thereby strengthen the internal processes in this area. This brought them closer still to their goal of being an employer of choice in the sector.

A key area for improvement highlighted by the review was Employment / Time & Attendance rostering software. Stellarossa was using a popular software system at the time, which allowed Franchise Partners to manage their roster according to sales volume and collate the data for efficient payrolling. The system however, had no builtin Award interpretation processes. This meant that Franchise Partners had to interpret the Modern Award system themselves, which ultimately left them exposed to human error. Anyone who’s flicked through the pages of an Award knows that misinterpretation is a very easy thing to do! In turn, this created more internal work as the overall system relied on manual audit and analysis to detect possible errors.

After identifying the issue, Stellarossa commenced a project to identify a suitable software system that could handle the key requirements for the group, while also meeting the criteria of the Bill. After a 12month process that involved assessing, reviewing and trialling systems, Stellarossa chose to partner with FoundU as the approved supplier for their network.

The FoundU system afforded all the basic requirements for effective rostering, plus an additional suite of features to streamline staff management for Franchisees. The result is a system that has increased payroll compliance, reduced Franchise Partner HR and Payroll workload, improved staff communication, and Franchise Partners who have more time to spend on what matters most – a thriving business.

Kicking The Jones' Backsides

Keeping up with the Jones'

Kicking the Jones' Backsides

Maya Angelou famously said, “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” And everyone knows that a sure-fire way to make someone feel good is to feed them something mouth-watering and unforgettable!

That’s why we put so much emphasis on delivering great quality food that’s in touch with current trends, but also serves up lashings of simple, old-fashioned ‘goodness’.

It’s been quite apparent recently, that more than a handful of franchise cafes (big brands), have not kept up with food trends. A lack of innovation and testing of new menu additions makes for a pretty stale offer to the market as the years progress. That simply doesn’t fly with us and isn’t at all a part of the Stellarossa DNA. We have our finger on the pulse, and we don’t miss a beat.

Monthly Specials

One way we do this is by providing the network with fresh ‘Monthly Specials’ to go on blackboards in-store and give the guests something new to try each time they drop in.

Every dish created is then added to the ‘Elective Recipes’ library, which serves as a database of recipes that Franchise Partners can draw on any time for their Daily Specials. Dishes are only approved to be a Monthly Special and then added to the Library after they;

  • Are costed for profitability,
  • Are assessed as operationally sound for preparing and serving in-store,
  • Have a thorough recipe and instructional training,
  • Have established raw ingredient supplies, and prices are negotiated (ideally, they mainly use ingredients already in-store),
  • Have confirmed Kilojoule counts;
  • Have dish photography completed for Franchise Partner marketing,
  • Are confirmed to suit our Brand profile, and,
  • Have Marketing collateral for use on the socials.

All day breakfast
Stellarossa cafes serve pizzas, pastas, salads, all day breakfast

A New Menu Every Six Months

The key component to ensuring we remain on-trend in the market and in tune with our Franchise Partner’s needs, is the creation of a new menu every 6 months to roll-out across the network. But it’s not just any old menu.

Our menus consist of an updated ‘Core Range of dishes which are consistent across the group, and then Franchise Partners fill the remainder of their menu as they see fit with dishes from our extensive ‘Electives Library’.

We know that each of our Cafes are different – one size does not fit all. That’s why our Franchise Partners have the flexibility they need, to ensure their menu is exactly what their guests are looking for.

New dishes are created through extensive market research and consultation with industry professionals, food consultants and advisers. Another important channel is the vital feedback we receive from our Franchise Partners who are on the front line every day, and their trusty chefs and cooks. This is all followed up by extensive trialling and testing.

So, the next time you’re sitting down at your local Stellarossa café, take a moment to savour the menu in all its beauty and glory – because just like other famous Wonders of the World, it certainly wasn’t built in a day!

Stellarossa House Made Soda Punch

Capturing the taste of summer with our house made soda punch

At Stellarossa, we’re always focused on ensuring our products are in line with consumer trends. This means time for some creative thinking! As we turned our attention to the approaching summer period, Cam “The Professor”, began developing a concept that had been rolling around in his head for some time – an exciting new House Made Punch Soda.

With the brief that we wanted to deliver a product that was super refreshing and light on calories, Cam went to work.

“Soda Punch is aimed at that broad and growing Queensland market who are looking for something different and exciting to try when it comes to food and beverage, especially from brands who they know they can trust to provide quality products” comments Erin Warner, Brand Development Manager.

After 4 months of development, which included vital testing with our Franchise Partners, we got the green light and were able to launch this fantastic and popular new product across the network.

Stellarossa House Made Soda Punch

With its unlimited flavour opportunities and ease of production in-store, House Made Soda Punch ticks all the boxes for our Franchise Partners as well. Erin comments how it’s “crucial for continued network growth that all new products satisfy our requirements for costing and profitability as per the business model. In this case it was also important that most of the products were already used in our cafes as that helps keep costs down even lower and makes it more efficient operationally.”

House Made Soda Punch has turned out to be a hot summer favourite with customers and Franchise Partners alike. “We know that when it comes to beverages, guests want the consistency of great quality coffee but with the option of trying something new when they feel like it – so keeping our offering fresh, while also providing that quality and consistency is vital.”

“The Soda Punch really is about as refreshing as a drink can be!” finishes Erin with a grin.

Stellarossa House Made Soda Punch

Stellarossa Christmas Marketing Campaign 2018

How we support

Our Christmas marketing promotions and campaigns for our franchise partners!

You might have heard lots of different stories and statements about the marketing support a franchise provides its franchise partners to help them grow their business.

But, sometimes it can be hard to get your head around what that practically looks like for an owner on the ground.

At Stellarossa, the marketing team works hard on creating campaigns and initiatives that are impactful, yet flexible enough for our partners to use across their different locations. We know that each market is slightly different, so the cookie-cutter approach taken by some brands (one-size-fits-all), is not something we think is reasonable or in the best interests of our partners.

The best way to take advantage of the festive season is to find those little angles of product and service that can leverage off what’s happening in peoples lives. Think, easy gifts, festive themed beverages and food and more.

That’s the brief, and marketing came up with around 20 – that’s right, 20! little promotions and campaigns to execute at store level across the network.

Check a bunch of them out below, and….Merry Christmas!

The future of franchising

Co-ownership: is this the future of franchising?

Darren Schultz co-founder of the Stellarossa Cafe brand isn’t ashamed to admit that he loves franchising, but that’s precisely why he’s seen it’s time to rethink the business model. Currently, the group operates some 23 franchised stores in South East Queensland, but some pretty big changes are on the horizon.

With his long-time business partner Phil Cronin, Darren co-founded Stellarossa back in 2009, opening two stores in the Brisbane CBD. They started franchising the brand in 2010, selling the first two cafes as their first franchised soters. Over the next two years, the duo opened another seven stores in the CBD, including their first cafe/bar model at Eagle Street Pier in 2011.

“When we started, the model we were targeting was good, quick coffee and easy food items to grab and go,” says Darren. “Our goal was always to franchise Stellarossa and we did pretty well with that city-based model. The franchise partner could operate Monday to Friday with weekends off. It was fairly straightforward. But we soon realised we were running out of sites.”

With CBD opportunities diminishing, Stellarossa ventured into their first shopping centre café model at Westfield Chermside in 2012, quickly followed by their first regional-based store in Mackay. Darren and Phil soon discovered they were onto a winner.

The future of franchising

“It was all new to us, we were thinking on our feet,” says Darren. “We had to get into a larger format — breakfast, lunch and dinner — and licensed as well.”

After the initial transition period to the model, Darren realised they’d found their solution to the dwindling supply of CBD sites, in fact, he says Stellarossa will probably never do another CBD store again, so successful has the change of focus then.

“In the city, you’ve got to make a lot of hay in five days,” he says. “Then during school and public holidays, your business falls off a cliff. But in those outer suburbs and regional areas, our business actually gets busier during the holidays.”

Things were looking up, but the boys knew they’d really hit the jackpot when they opened Stellarossa Mango Hill in 2013. This was their first store in a smaller centre, home to a large-format Coles and about 20 specialty stores.

“One of the big challenges to get right is to stay current from a menu perspective and to this end Stellarossa has hired another corporate chef (they now have two) to up the ante in the food space.”
This has become the strongest growth sector and focus for the brand.

It was a frontier we had never really considered, those outer suburbs of Brisbane,” says Darren. “The franchisee loved the format, and actually came to us with the site. It really opened the floodgates and blew us away how successful that business was and our business model really changed from that point on. We decided to concentrate on the outer extremities of Brisbane and regional areas — that would be our target market.”

After a few years of solid expansion, Darren has signalled another shift in the business model, intentionally curbing growth to adjust Stellarossa’s fit in the marketplace. This year has seen a re- brand with a new look and new menu.

“Over the past 12 months there’s been quite a shift in our focus,” says Darren. “We haven’t extended the leases on some of our smaller espresso bars and closed a few of them. It’s been done on purpose so we can re-evaluate our business model, the feel of our sites, and hit the ground running in 2019.”

One of the big challenges to get right is to stay current from a menu perspective and to this end Stellarossa has hired another corporate chef (they now have two) to up the ante in the food space.

“We’re constantly trying to keep ahead without getting too obscure to the point where people don’t get it. We’ve got to remember our market probably isn’t interested in deconstructed eggs benedict,” Darren laughs. “They want the real deal — quality, fast and at a reasonable price. People will pay that little bit extra for quality and that’s what we’ve got to deliver.”

These are exciting times for Stellarossa. Planning for 2019 features 10 new cafes including a foray into the drive-through market at three of those sites. Best described as the “new frontier” in café businesses, with both seated and drive-through customers, extended hours and high-volume trade, drive-through cafes, operated well, are a potential goldmine for smart investors. The big challenge is finding the right site, but Darren is adamant that Stellarossa has done its homework.

“We’re sitting in a real sweet spot at the moment, with some great opportunities coming up,” says Darren. “And we’ve put a lot of work into finding the best sites, employed specialists in the field to perfect our procedures, work flow and space, and we’re ready to smash that out next year.”

The first Stellarossa drive-through will be in Sippy Downs on the Sunshine Coast. “That’s going to be predominantly drive-through grab and go with a small café and a little bit of seating,” says Darren. “The development is mainly a service station, KFC and McDonald’s — all very drive- through.”

Darren emphasises that Stellarossa will carefully evaluate each site on its merits, hammering the market research to find out exactly what the target market wants and needs, adding that the likes of Caltex, Subway and KFC, to name a few of the businesses that will share upcoming sites with Stellarossa, “don’t move into an area if they don’t think it’s going to work”.

The second drive-through Stellarossa project, due to open at Beenleigh in April-May 2019, is a very different beast. It will be a full sit-down cafe model, possibly licensed, as well as a full drive through — two cafes in one.

Even more exciting for Darren, it’s on track to be the first Stellarossa ‘co-ownership’ model, which will play a big part in the company’s franchise investment plans going forward. Stellarossa and the franchise owner will be partners, sharing risk and reward according to the proportion of their individual investment. This will also drastically lower the initial investment cost for the new business owner, who also gets an experienced, capable and dedicated partner as a bonus – Stellarossa HQ.

“We’re just in the early stages as yet, but we’re going to be partnering up with franchisees on a case-by- case basis,” Darren says. “A partner will be able to come in, whether they purchase 20 per cent, 40 per cent, whatever the percentage may be in their circumstance. But we’ll be holding the lease — putting our money where our mouth is.”

The future of franchising

“There will be an extensive agreement associated with each partnership and if someone finds it’s not for them, they will be able to get out. However, he stresses that the selection process for prospective partners should mean that an escape clause won’t be necessary.””

There will be an extensive agreement associated with each partnership and Darren says if someone finds it’s not for them, they will be able to get out. However, he stresses that the selection process for prospective partners should mean that an escape clause won’t be necessary. “We’re drilling right down so they know that while they can do very well in the industry, it will be hard work.”

Darren even envisages the Beenleigh site becoming an ongoing training centre for future Stellarossa partners or franchisees. “We’ll put our future franchise owners or partners through their paces in the store.”

Looking ahead, Darren says there’s the potential for Stellarossa to implement this partnership model at every new site and move away from the “us and them” mindset that can occur in a franchisor-franchisee relationship.

“This is a mindset that I feel is weighing franchising down significantly at the moment. I’ve always had partners and a partnership can be extremely powerful if it’s handled properly.”

Stellarossa Yarrabilba local community engagement with Aaron Redding

How Aaron Riding, owner of Stellarossa Yarrabilba, is engaging with his local community

At our recent Constellation Meeting of the Stars in mid-October, Aaron Riding, owner and operator of Stellarossa Yarrabilba, inspired the room with his Key Note presentation of how he engages with and supports his local community.

Aaron has made it a key pillar of his business operation to contribute to his local community as much as possible, by getting involved in any way he can.

He started it all by joining his local Chamber of Commerce, and says “It’s one of the best decisions I’ve made for the business. It’s given me access to events, functions and breakfasts, and even free advertising in the local paper.”

Yarrabilba is a fast-growing, family focused region. Aaron explained, “we have around 3,000 houses currently, with a total of 14,000 planned. With the median age under 30, my main focus is to make sure we engage with that growing community for the long term.”

The engagement with the community varies depending on the type of event. “I’ve hosted several business seminars and events in-store, and from these I’ve picked up many regular customers.”

Aaron said another significant event was a fundraiser for Project Pink (a key Breast Cancer charity initiative proudly supported by Stellarossa). “We did a BBQ in front of Coles, which is very close to us, and we handed out 2 for 1 coffee cards. It was really surprising how many people didn’t even know we were right there next door! In a business sense, this really showed the value of a local engagement focus.”

Aaron and his team get involved in many other local community events. They’re featured at the monthly ‘Mingle Markets’ with profits going to charity, and are silver partners for the local Christmas Carols which will attract around 10,000 people as well.

An interesting initiative he undertakes is the Cereal for Coffee, where customers come in and donate a box of cereal in return for a free coffee so that under-privileged kids can have a decent breakfast before they head off to school.

“Yes, we give a lot of coffee away, but we also find that people tend to buy more by adding food to the order as well. So it’s a win-win.” Aaron said.

As a true measure of his impact and commitment to his community, Aaron currently has a Facebook following of 1,200+ for his café, out of the 12,000 residents in the community. This equates to a large portion of the households in the area being engaged with his business, which is a great ongoing communication and marketing tool.

Aaron sums up the impact he and his team feel they’re having in his community by saying, “People are telling us that they do see how engaged with the community we are, and they’re telling us to keep it up. So we must be doing something right!”

The Galaxy - Stellarossa Intranet

The Galaxy – new intranet unveiled!

At the recent Constellation Meeting of the Stars in Brisbane, Ash and Fiona from Stellarossa HQ unveiled the new Stellarossa Galaxy intranet platform.

A great deal of work was undertaken for many months in rebuilding the old system to provide features that enable Franchise Partners to have fast and seamless access to everything they need to run their business to the best of their ability.

At the heart of it, The Galaxy is a one-stop shop platform for all communication, resources and information related to the running of a Stellarossa Café business.

The Galaxy - Stellarossa Intranet

Ash and Fiona took everyone through a detailed tour of the intranet, a few of the highlighted features and benefits they spoke about were;

  • Stellatips – every fortnight, a HQ Operations Support member uploads a new tip or suggestion to put into practice in stores. These are drawn from the collective wisdom, experience and successes of the entire network and centralised in one spot;
  • Home Page – is the central hub; a ‘news’ presentation and repository, enabling quick and accurate access to all network communication and current information;
  • Templates and Forms – those required in all aspects of the business are found here. An example is HR; all related checklists and forms are available and regularly updated here, with a focus on constantly providing up-to-date information and improving the staff hiring and training process;
  • One Convenient Platform – Menus, recipes, supplier forms, stocktake sheets, and everything else a Stellarossa cafe needs to keep its kitchen running efficiently and effectively are here;
  • Marketing Tools and Resources – a vast range of local area and group marketing collateral and templates are available for use, along with examples and instructions;
  • Google-Based Search Function – essential for ease of use, the platform adopts a google-based search to find what’s needed quickly if not using the site’s menu system.

Overall, the business is very excited to release the new platform with all its enhanced features, functionalities and ease of use. Our key purpose with The Galaxy is to help Franchise Partners to increase their productivity, reduce administrative burdens and be more efficient with their time.

Making the administrative aspects of running the business smoother and easier means that our business owners can focus even more of their time and effort on their local communities and the wonderful guests that are right in front of them!